nancy saey

hello friends, I'm nancy and I live in belgium, am 54 years old and love the blingee
my hobbies are painting  blinge enz :-) 
blingees on fb en twitter lunapic  i am single with 4 cats   tomcats .
hello best blingeekes I want to tell you that each one of you fantastic artwork cre.eren I almost can not choose and will give you all points.
but here a thank you for the nice words and coments love you all xxx gr nancy

 /\„,„/\      ╰☆╮BLACK CATS ARE AMAZING !
( =';'= )              _Π_____
 /*♥♥*\               /______/ aDOPT ONE  
(.|.|..|.|.) ╬╬╬╬╬˛° .|田 田 田 GET A FRIEND FOR 9 LIVES.
❥ܓღ ❥ ܓ ღ ܓ ❥ ღ ❥ܓღ ❥


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Аюся пишет:

8 дней назад
Happy Valentine's Day! I wish you well-being and happiness. So that your heart will always be young and full of love for life and inspiration.
Hug and kiss, Julia ...

BassenMin пишет:

33 дня назад
hello my friend
if you have to time and feel like it
i would like to invite you to my challenge

Аюся пишет:

50 дней назад
Happy New Year! May this year bring us a lot of happiness, good luck, smiles, warmth and light. Let it be full of bright colors, pleasant impressions and joyful events. I wish everyone in the new year to be healthy, beautiful and successful!

passionpussycat пишет:

53 дня назад
Happy New Year Sweetie:)

Enjoy :)

nataliplus пишет:

56 дней назад
Merry Christmas my dear friend!

ZaharaBlue пишет:

57 дней назад
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

passionpussycat пишет:

59 дней назад
Merry Christmas Sweetie :)

Enjoy :)

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