Профиль oliviak123

Wow I used to talk really weird o.O

Hey, hi, hello!
My names Olivia
Better known as Olivia OwlCity :)

OwlCity is my favourite artist, Adam Young you are my everything :) and Paramore are my favourite band, saw them twice live and many more times to come ;D

Laura; Jenny; Eisha; Luke
My bestfriends, mean the world and more

I love making blingees but im not on this very much anymore, not enough time Dx
So bye bye for now! Comment, rate, add, whatever!


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vampire piggyback xD
the lion and the lamb
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wentz4ever пишет:

3182 дня назад
heyy! its been forever! x'[

larawr12 пишет:

3364 дня назад

profile? :L lolz..
"but now i'm 13!" =D

wentz4ever пишет:

1 день назад
hehe me and zeeky started dating on the 23rd x) a day after my b-day woo!<3

raven_love_ha... пишет:

3506 дней назад
hello !!

Would u like to join my group of Final Fantasy ??


wentz4ever пишет:

3516 дней назад
im good lol halloween was so much fun! i wish it could replay over and over hehe. but oh well. it sounds like fun to be a foreign exchange student suddenly =D

wentz4ever пишет:

3524 дня назад
lol i know! =( if you have a myyearbook add me lol. but cool! learning any new songs?? ;)

wentz4ever пишет:

3534 дня назад
god i cant wait 2 see new moon x)it looks way too good!

wentz4ever пишет:

1 день назад
no way!!! your so lucky!!! lol

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