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andie09500 пишет:

26 days назад
Dans mon profil, mon message du Vendredi 29 Janvier 2021, Amitié

visserstn пишет:

29 days назад
Hello my friends, what a shame is this.  
I will miss you and especially the beautiful blingees that have been made.  Many greetings and all the best to you from Meggie.

andie09500 пишет:

29 days назад
Chère Amie, Mauvaise nouvelle officielle de Blingee, Voici la déclaration officielle selon laquelle Blingee ferme définitivement :-(( de la part du modérateur guardian06

Tous mes meilleurs vœux, Andie. andie09500 sur Pixmix

Teodoruka пишет:

33 days назад
Hello! Yes, sure! Read here: https://bln.gs/b/29z78g

And also, just to let you know: her name is Anita and Kakashiodora is one of my couples' name actually and she loves to make Blingees out of it, haha!

falloutgirl76 пишет:

34 days назад
Hi, I could'nt uninstall my flash so I blocked it and when I want to make a blingee I run the flash. Plus I like blingee better than Picmix.

BBB338 пишет:

43 days назад
Happy Healthy New Year 2021!
Dear Friend,

For safety of your computer, from possible hackers,  Adobe says to uninstall Adobe Flash Player by 12-1-2021 (Jan. 12, 2021). Already 3 countries in Europe that I know of BLOCKED-Flash Player-Germany, Italy, and Poland. Here is the link to the warning I got: 


Important to read this page! I uninstalled mine! Hopefully, Blingee finds a solution soon!
I am Mollycat2020 on pixmix!

anjaschlenker пишет:

53 days назад
Neues Jahr, neues Glück es geht wieder los schaue doch gleich mal rein, und sieh welches Thema genommen wurde viel Spaß dabei gruß Anni


topazblue пишет:

57 days назад
My pleasure and welcome :) 
Wishing you a wonderful 2021!
Hugs, Andrea

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