I love my little pony, pretty rhythm, vocaloid, shugo chara, Jewelpet, AKB0048, and more.
I mostly make human/anime ponies.
I am also Japanese. 


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anime girl
Sakura Miku
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Raven2625 пишет:

2778 дней назад
hey whats up
can you vote for me friend i would really appreciate!Thanks

Nieves1991 пишет:

2788 дней назад
Hello friend! I would like you to join our group, when we are more, there will be many surprises! A kiss!

Hola amiga! Me gustaria que te unieras a nuestro grupo, cuando seamos mas, habra muchas sorpresas! Un beso!

ilitiaportalopez пишет:

3045 дней назад
vota plis es un favor a mi amiga te estare muy agradecida k dices?

zoetrice пишет:

3053 дня назад
i luv you'r anime pics and profile how do you change the profile pic i have 2 know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xCandypop пишет:

3123 дня назад
Aww... Are you okay?

blueprincess7500 пишет:

3128 дней назад
yeah i bet..... though japan sounds so fun!! i would love to go for a week or so! your so lucky you get to go every summer!!!

blueprincess7500 пишет:

3128 дней назад
yeah i can see that! but i want to go to japan so badly! when i'm older i'm so gonna go!! 

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