Don't judge others for your shortcomings.

Well...Hi first of And yeah, I'm thirty two, just so you'll know.

I like to suround myself with good, honest people, who love to laugh. I don't like people who have to hurt someone else to make themselves feel better. I feel life's to short for that.

I'm artistic, so I like to create, wether it's drawing, writing or creating pictures on bliningee, doesn't matter.

I love to read. At the moment, I'm obsessed with the Twilight saga books & the movie's. I have now watched Eclipse & let me say say loved every minuet of it. I am now waitning on the first part of breaking dawn & can not wait till it comes out. Total Edward fan, I must say. What can I say, I love my man to And as far as couples go, I'm for Edward & Bella all the way.

WooHoo! I watched Breaking dawn & let me tell you, it was amazing! I can't wait till it comesout on dvd.

Well that's all I can think of at the moment, but if there's anything else you need to know, just ask. Wether I answer is anther thing....Just kidding. But it does depend on the question on wether or not I'll answer, just to warn you, so nothing perverted please.

Oh, & one more thing, please, just so I won't miss voting on ur pics, leave a link so I will be sure to vote on it. I hate upsetting anyone  or make u think in any way that I don't want to vote for someone's pic. This way if I miss voting for ur pic on the main page I will still get to vote on it. Ty all for voting on my blingee's & I hope to vote for ur's as well. Love u all & best wishes to u & ur families, Gayle.

I have just made a new group called Till The Breaking Dawn. It's for twilight fans & there will be roleplaying in this group. To find out more, just click here:

TY :O)

Just wanted to say sorry for being gone so long. I've been sick, but I'm slowly getting better. I want to thank everyone for their kind, sweet comments to all my blingees & I wish you all a wonderful day.

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p01s0n_l1p5_0... пишет:

1297 дней назад
NEW ~ Stamp Challenge Gothic Fantasy Group

Vykie4XENAres... пишет:

1305 дней назад
Hi dears it's voting time in Gothic Fantasy!!

Vykie4XENAres... пишет:

1318 дней назад
Hi dears it's voting timeGothic Fantasy

Vykie4XENAres... пишет:

1325 дней назад
Alright Darlings, it's time for a Brand new challenge in Gothic Fantasy!! Hope to see you there!!

Shilla2000 пишет:

2009 дней назад
das ist für dich...happy easter

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