Luv'n Rainy Nites

I am a quiet person, and most of my time is spent alone but not because I dont have friends, I just prefer it this way. I am not really into hitting up the clubs, drinking, or anything of the things that go along with going out clubin' but dancing, and I can do that at 
I do go to church a lot, but only because I enjoy it more than all things. I sometimes teach a few Sunday school classes for adults and middle aged children. 
I enjoy my music most of all, although it is not all christian, I just have had a love for music all of my life and that has stuck with me.
I have one daughter living out of the 3 children I gave birth to. She is so wonderful and I know not to take her or her love for granted, because the hardest thing in the world is to lose a child.
Wanna know anything else, just ask! I am an open book.


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