Rosepeddel here! :D

Hey everyone, this is me, rosepeddel101 and this is my blingee account. 
みんなさんこにちは!私はrosepeddel101です。これは私のBlingeeウェブぺージ。ようこそ! 8D
Salut tout le monde! Je suis rosepeddel101. C'est mon site sur Blingee :). Bienvenue!! 8D
I really enjoy making blingess because it gives me a way  to become creative and I find it's a lot of fun :)
I will tell you a little about myself:
I really really enjoy languages and am currently learning two, which are french and japanese :) They are my favourite languages and I hope to be fluent in them. Not only do I love languages, but I also enjoy drawing and sometimes writing stories, though writing isn't one of my skills XD
I also love talking ^^
As well as loving many things, there also things I don't:
One of the things I don't really enjoy is math and chemistry, even though I need both for my job DX They frustrate me and I just don't have problem solving skills I'm assuming...
Another I don't like are bullies and people who make fun of others and such, I find there is no reason to be that way ><
Oh, I also love cats and video games, but I don't play games often XD
Well that's all! 
Have a good day!! 8D

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Link = ] 

▲ ▲ 
...Z...Put this
...E...On your channel
...L...If you are
...D...A Zelda

Yup, I'm a hardcore Zelda and Link fan!!*hearts* 8D

Thank you everyone who rates and comments on my blingees!!! I appreciate it dearly!! :D Once again thanks!! ^^

Also I have a group which is called Random Blingee ^^
Here's the link
thanks to all that join! I appreciate it ^^


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_αѕυиα.уυυкι_ пишет:

2 дня назад
Would you like to be informed for future contests in the ~Anime Forever~ group?

Doggylove12 пишет:

196 дней назад
Hey! I'm so surprised someone commented on my profile! I remember you we used to use msn I think? and make blingees for each other lol and how could you forget blingee

❤Strawberry❤ пишет:

229 дней назад
Contest 4 in ~ Anime Forever! ~ has begun.

Join if you can please : )

mistyrocks13 пишет:

1346 дней назад
It's not silent lake anymore

Doggylove12 пишет:

2263 дня назад
Woah woah it's been so long!!! My skype works now if you even go on here anymore it's cassy0148!!! 

mistyrocks13 пишет:

2369 дней назад
Is blingee working for you? Mine is still not letting me upload stuff on here; v ;

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