A beautiful lone ⓦⓞⓛⓕღ

Th3 NaM3s r3DXx
h3LL0 tHeRe ItS sO nIc3 T0 FiNaLLy M33T y0U

the sun shines warmly down upon her favourite old pond which sparkeld with joy as she rounded the corner that would bring her there. her face was red her eyes blood shot again and it was apparant she had another bad day. her normally neat blue hair was misshapen and dishiveld and she longed to dip her toes into the clear liquid that for once held more tears than her. she was tired of this repetitive lifestyle, the other kids simply did not get her and she was glad but other days it grew to be to much and so she found herself wandering down the old green coated path. as she lay back she dosed to the sounds of birds chirping lovingly above her tired head. this was her paradise the normalcy in her ubnormal life. and this was were she belonged.
name~ ayama evaline.
age~ 17
personality~ she would appear to be a social outcast but secretly she reveals in that kind of lablel although people normally misunderstand because shes so quiet, normally shes a very loving caring person who loves life but she feels the need to distance herself from others socially and physically. you will almost never see her around as of her love to hide. 
im a very simple person on the outside on the insode however ima beautiful mess not quite sure who i am one hundred percent yet but that only leaves space to grow as who im ultimatly supposed to be. im a poetry lover and in general i love to read and write though recently i havent been reading due to the fact that im writing my own book and tend to distance myself from other peoples books when creating an original work of art (because writing is a form of art) i love to write words are capable to making you cry and laugh, anger to to the point of red rage or calm you down to egg shell blue <3 i love writing and i hope so do you ^=^

anyone interested in being my friend i will accept invitations i hold no predjudices or stereotypes and i love to make all sorts of crazy friends <3 .



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Kinggirls2016 пишет:

1 день назад
Hey you! Yes you, 
I would be delighted if you joined my group! Please and thank you-



Kinggirls2016 пишет:

1 день назад
Hey friend! Mind voting for me? Arigato!



Kinggirls2016 пишет:

2897 дней назад
They made a movie on Haruhi Suzumiya!??! Oh yea, I think I've heard about it. Althou, I havn't seen it yet...when I get the chance, I will! Thanks friend! :D What animes do u like?

sskitty пишет:

2897 дней назад
:D thank you Diana i really like your blingees to <3 there very nice and of course i will be your friend ^-^

Kinggirls2016 пишет:

2897 дней назад
Hey hey! I think your blingees rock! They're very creative and beautiful! It would be an honor to be your friend :) Oh and my name is Diana! Its nice to meet you!

japanfan12345 пишет:

2967 дней назад
Please join my Blingee group:


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