Well heres a lil bit about myself ... My name is Liliana but everyone calls me LILY. Im 22 yrs old goin on 23 n i have 3 beautiful kiddos that mean everything to me ... I love my familia to death and of course My Hubby whom i love very much. Im a pretty kew peep i like to party n have funn im very adventurous and outgoin. Pretty much ill do anything and try new things out. So you got a challange BRING IT ON!!! but yea that me a normal 22 yr old with kids that just wants wat she wants and how she wants it. Ppl like my personality they say im funn, funny, krazy, etc.... if they dont they really dont know me. Im pretty patient with ppl but when they strike a nerve that does it and nice lily goes away and bitchy comes it so you know how it is....


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Thank you:)

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