Hey whats up peoples? I'm wildhrs22 or you can just call me wild don't matter to me! I LOVE Blingee! it's so much fun and addicting!! haha man I'm oh well! Well as far as you will know I'm a girl and that's it k thnx! You guys can also call me Chromia, Cybertronia or Elita-1 :) I'm a Transformers Fanatic! And yes I am a girl if I must state again! I don't put up with negativisim at ALL be negative or say something mean to me...I'll report bad content and have your computer banned >:( I'm a relatively nice person so I wont snap at you unless I see that its called for.

~x wild x~


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Bullet For My Valentine
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ratchet101 пишет:

2308 дней назад
Wow they did take long time when I do my blinees they take me only about 5 min to do 

wildhrs22 пишет:

2312 дней назад
Thanks! :) I worked hard on each and every one of them! I think the hardest one I made is the one of IronHide and Chromia...that was hard...took me 2 weeks to make!! took me 4 weeks to make the one with Just Chromia...two months to make the one of Noisy Boy and about 2-3 weeks for the others.

♥Mαndу♥ пишет:

1 день назад
Cool blingees! :)

Vote for me in this challenge if you can.

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