Anime!! :D

An absolute anime lover, not just yaoi (as my username may suggest) but ALL anime!!! Its awesome and fun. I make mostly wallpaper type blingee's. Im just here to have fun and if you dont like my stuff then dont say anything! Im fun and friendly but piss me off and you may wish you hadnt. Dont just add me for votes and ratings. I like to have fun and create fun things. Add me if you want :D


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AnimeCute13 пишет:

2084 дня назад
Hello My Friend!^^

i wanted you saying, that i'm AnimeSweet!^^

Love Greetings, Krissy :*

AnimeSweet пишет:

2256 дней назад


I Have a New Anime-Group!

-> <-

Join my Group!^^ Thx You :*

love greetings, Krissy ~


ps: and this link:

_> <_


AnimeSweet пишет:

2302 дня назад

thx for you the friendship accepting me :)

how are you?^^

lg :) <3

AnimeFan456 пишет:

2457 дней назад

thx for you the friendship accept^^

how are you? :)

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