anakin remembers his love

anakin remembers his love
my friend robert bean posed for this painting. I wanted to bring it here because it is so beautiful.. A younger vader in his meditation chamber remembers how he tried to save his wife Padme and his unborn child.. grief, sadness, depression.. all lead him to more anger against the sith he was going to kill. Lucas has said that Anakins plan was to kill sidious and rule with Padme, all was lost but Lucas also said Vader knew of Luke (only luke) and so waited for his son to come and help him destroy sidious. The jedi taught that loss of your limbs made you less powerful in the force, and so vader never dared take on the sithlord alone. Instead he became a slave to him, staying closer than a brother in order to one day be close enough to kill him. This moment tells so much about the grief that made Vader who he became. Loyal to no one, craving of power, always waiting for something, always fueled by some unknown thirst for revenge. The rebels stood in the way of his taking over the Empire and ruling the galaxy. That was why he agreed with fighting them. Sidious would die at his hand one day and he would rule with the empire and LUKE. ......enjoy this pic.
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