phoenix from final fantasy

phoenix from final fantasy
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Thursday, January 31, 2008 Tidus Profile Tidus is a famous Blitzball player and become the main character in Final Fantasy X. Tidus was very famous in Zanarkand, but actually his world on Zanardkan was only an imaginary world, he transported to different world, a parallel world of Spira, to save that world from destruction caused by SIN. During the game he traveled in the Spira together with Yuna, Lulu, Wakka, Kimhari, Rikku and Auron to defeat Sin and free Spira from the evil. In the game he felt in love with Yuna and decided to protect Yuna along on their journey. In the ending of the game he must separated and say goodbye to Yuna because he must come back to his real world. In the game he was 17 years old, he was a happy looking person, and also never hesitate to express clearly what he thinks and what he has on his heart, he is a young brief man who makes no secret of his feelings, this attitudes was very similar with Zidane attitudes in Final Fantasy IX. He fights with a sword and has some time type of spells, such as "Boost". A special spells that allows a targeted party member to significantly increase the physical characteristics of attack and defense. He have balance both in power and in terms of flexibility and dexterity. His Overdrive technique is quite impressive, we able to execute it properly by press a button at the right time during a short period of time, the method that similar to the Squall's Limit Break in Final Fantasy VIII. Tidus Music Theme Labels: Final Fantasy Character, Final Fantasy X Character, Final Fantasy X protagonist posted by -=[ Unknown]=- at 10:59 PM 0 Comments Planets bookmark this on Delicioussave thisbe the first to bookmark this page! Wednesday, January 30, 2008 Valefor - Final Fantasy Summon Mythology Valefor is one of the Aeons in Final Fantasy X. The names often related with evil or demon story, where he was described as "Hellish Grand Duke" and according to the stories, Valefor ruled 36 legions in the hell. There are some theory about his appearance, some story mentioned that he shaped like a fallen angel, others mentioned Valefor had a lion body and human head. There is also a third theory which mention that Valefor had goose head and legs, body and tail of a lion hares. Curiously none of these three definitions coincide with what appears in Final Fantasy X, but it is true that his appearance in the game has an appearance of a demon. Valefor is the protector of thieves and helps them steal. It also said that Valefor is know both of the events of the past and will happen in the future. Labels: Final Fantasy Summon Mythology posted by -=[ Unknown]=- at 11:07 PM 0 Comments Planets bookmark this on Delicious Phoenix - Final Fantasy Summon Mythology The phoenix is a mythical creature mentioned in lots of different mythology, Phoenix known as a giant bird who receive different names depending on which culture is cited. These was various start from Fêng-Huang (China) until Benu (Egypt), or Ho-oh (Japan) and Yel (North America). At its origin, Phoenix was a small bird that lived in Eden. Phoenix was the only creature who did not want to taste the forbidden fruit, overcoming temptation. Unfortunately a spark came to a small nest and the bird burned, but as a reward for overcoming the temptation banned was granted immortality. Phoenix emerged from the ashes like a giant bird of unmatched beauty and singing. In appearance, the phoenix resembles an eagle but ten times larger, is involved in fire and its reddish plumage is so beautiful that all animals were creating envy him. This magical creature symbolizes immortality, regeneration and ressurection. Some say that Phoenix lives during hundred years, and then incinerated in their own nest for a new Phoenix reborn from the ashes, others say it is able to live up to 1461 years, some even claim that during live 12954 years. Other theories for the regeneration of bird ensures that it dies steeped in his own semen and that the new Phoenix is responsible for carrying the body of his father to the holy city of Heliopolis where it is incinerated. In Final fantasy series phoenix became the powerful summon to attack enemy and healing the party as well. In Final Fantasy VIII you will need an Phoenix Pinion to call him, he able to appear randomly when the party were annihilated and resurrect all party member at once. Labels: Final Fantasy Summon Mythology
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