Black Volcanic Beach Sunset-1, Animated

Black Volcanic Beach Sunset-1, Animated
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Volcanoes have historically been considered portents, omens, and actions by the punish peoples and nations for their wrong doings, actions, or inactions. Nowhere on this planet are volcanoes more active than in the Hawaiian Island chains. The natural beauty, magnitude, and sheer raw power and terror that nature displays and instills within us when volcanoes erupt and/or flow are the subject of both thrill seekers, adventurers, scientists, and the curious. Many movies, novels, tales, and cultural lore have risen from one of nature's grand wonders. Islands have risen, formed anew, as well as having vanished, peoples, cities, and great empires..erased, eradicated as a direct byproduct of nature's raw fury. As well..many a beautiful sunset, magnificent beaches, and spectacles of unadulterated magnificence and splendor may rightfully attribute their singular traits to the byproduct of volcanic activity. Here we see one such spectacle..the sheer magnetic beauty of a black, volcanic beach, oceanic sunset (or sunrise)! Nothing may equal the beauty of such intense colors and contrasts! Black sands directly from the heart of the earth serve as the barrier to the great powers of oceanic waves! Beautiful colors intensified by the burning remnants of the sun's final moments as it melts into the sea! Marvelous and triumphant as it's warmth and glow yet resound within the clouds and reflected within the sea's magical water and waves, as it softly laps the black, volcanic shoreline! A singular bird witnesses nature's majesty as it stands on the wet sands! Beautiful and intense! Few experience such splendor, but for the few..we may not partake of nature's majesty! Image resized to 400X400 pixels, colors/hues, saturation, brightness, contrasts, image detail and clarity/sharpness..all enhanced with "PhotoFiltre 7" software (freeware). Water and wave animation added withs "Squirlz" software (freeware).
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