Virtual Rape_Electronic Harrassment/Blue Beam & Monarch Projects

Virtual Rape_Electronic Harrassment/Blue Beam & Monarch Projects
i am a victim of voice to skull technology, electronic harrassment and blue beam & monarch project. i have been telling everyone from newspapers, the white house and cyber crime sites that my stalker is a demonic rapist. My grandmother has been in The Couriel Journal plently times and recieved awards from Wave which is like a News Channel in Kentucky. i am strong as hell knowing that when i am stimulated by electronic device's, I still remain calm knowing what's happening to me. my dreams were altered so many times and i had dreams of being a little girl and being molested by my father who NEVER hit me, whipped me or anything. My daddy never even yelled at me. My mom did all the punishment's and stuff like that. I was just reading my journal and how I kept saying "this person is a demonic rapist...she is going to have her boyfriend rape me and she's going to watch"....she's punching me in my face and choking me and giving me nightmare's and watching me 24/7".....I have two years of proof and I am just waiting time will come. One way or the other. My views are held back everyday and it motivate's me. My ego says I am about 20,000-30,000 because they took my 12,000 views down this summer/fall. I am a strong woman who is proud to be a survivor and warn other women and children. I don't want some girl or woman to kill themselves or walk around in fear the way I did until I realized that the people I didn't know who knew me in my new classes this summer weren't going to rape me. I felt like they knew that if I had physical proof, no matter what, it'd go back to where this all started....The Galt House Hotel. I have proof of what I say and I wrote that I felt like someone was reading my journal because they made fun of everything I did in my home and in public online. Like clock work, everyday I sat in the car with my mother and drove to work, I was assaulted in my private area's, front to back. And while working in Norton's Hopsital, I felt like I was being punched. The same way I felt like I was being punched at Kool Smiles, while working there. The Galt House Hotel is where all the star's who love abused horse's come for Derby. What you see on my Blingee account will protect YOU. Know your right's....knowledge is power, ignorance is weakness and even deadly. The health of a family member I live with is also getting worse. I know the affects electronic device's can have on your body and how a person's health will deteriorate. Know that you have no privacy online, in your home and the governement can moniter your thoughts and know you are thinking of someone from your past, gather their information and picture's and pretend to be them. They have told me that they watch me shit and I stopped masterbating because when I logged in online, I was made fun of. The women at Kool Smiles and The Galt House which has about 2,000 employee's have access to my accounts. Even before I filed a lawsuit against them. Most of the people there think they know me. I have been told my picture's are in people's desk. When I asked the bellman if maybe the company sent a morning email to warn other's about me, he said no. His name is Shawn, he still works there and is a bellman. He also told me other things like I pissed Rebecca Bryant off and had her walking around pissed off. But, how does he know that? Does he read my email's, too. He also told me, along with two other men who work security and one a bellman also, that the galt house is evil and they wish they didn't work there. They can find people who are godless enough or poor enough and pay them to stalk you and or psychologically torment you. This all happened to me...virtual rape and all...because I was violated on the job, refused to have sex with my supervisor and filed a law suit. I dropped the law suit and was harrassed and virtually raped and told "i fucked you last night" even over a year later....its wild...if you have children...know that your son or daughter can have nightmare's that you are molesting them....very very REAL nightmare's... (listen to Me Against The World by 2Pac. He says "seeing daddy's semen" because 2Pac was tortured before he was killed by the illuminati) you feel everything while're little girl could dream over and over again that you hurt her...and begin to think she's having lost memories and assume you hurt her...she may come to you or she may become bitter and sad and say nothing but look at you and wonder....I know who I am...but, I wonder if there is a chip in my in Minority Report or The Manchurian Candidate and I have wondered for a second.....did my daddy molest me but, I remember my daddy....he used to say "Imma get my strap"....all the time...all the time and I would point to his belt and say "is this your strap....why do you always say don't have a strap, daddy"...and I would knock his hat off and be an obnoxious kid everyday. EVERDAY...I saw my daddy EVERYDAY and acted like a spoiled brat. And my nightmare's have made me love my daddy for not harming me and I remember how bad I was as a kid...and I think "not once did my daddy say 'this isn't my kid'...and I love him because he very well couldn't said that. Talk to your children because voice to skull technology has said to me "he's hurting the baby" while my cousin changed his son's diaper. This has ruined my life...not really....I just lost all my friend's and I trust no one. I even lost friend's from the 4th grade...myspace almost ruined me and being exploited did, too. People pointed at me on the, I made my channel. Watch the video's on top....go to aaishasmusic1963 on youtube and watch me have fun exposing what happened to me. I am the one who is telling people that yes, there may be witch craft in music...I'm sure there is but, I am been a music angel since I was 4 or didn't start raping me until after I left The Galt's called electronic harrassment and blue beam and monarch project. That is who is raping your child or wife...not Beyonce....the puppet who sang Sweet Dreams along with Rihanna (Disturbia) and Maxwell (Pretty Wings)...these people are singing about possession in your rape and possession is rape. Look up INCUBUS online. They are stupid puppets who deserve to have people think they are allowing their fan's who admire them and fucking buy their clothes by paying for their c.d's and going to their concerts, rape them. I remember when I started day dreaming about taking Beyonce's naked body, boiling her in paint and watching her die. I thought that and some guy said online and in view of millions of people something about wanting her to be raped...and I thought...'I thought I was the only one'. I am being honest because music is a huge part of my life and it sounds dumb...but, I have let so many people go...and thought nothing of it but, when I found out about witch craft in music, I thought 'how am i going to avoid being raped...when i need music because it heals my soul' sounds lame but, fuck you. i don't go to people for sex or money when i am in need, i turn to music....I can't believe I thought "damn, i have to give up music"...all because the governement is raping me but, wouldn't fuck my fat ass as an adult....but makes me a child....and puts something in my daddy's body...and rapes me. Its called virtuallt rape. And I feel like the government could record my dreams and watch it as porn. They have children underground and Britney Spears was raped by her father and was put in beastiality films, along with Cathy O Brien...pretty soon, our government will virtually rape everyone.....
создатель: aliceiris711

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