How To Differentiate The Mind Control Thoughts From Your Own

How To Differentiate The Mind Control Thoughts From Your Own
How to differentiate the mind control thoughts from normal thoughts How to detect the mind control thoughts which are generated external to a persons brain and transmitted to the targets brain. Mind Control thoughts can control persons speech, action, change opinion, perform involuntary action and etc. The mind control thought will come to a persons brain out of the blue (out of nothing). When mind control thought forced to the brain, it will suppress the normal thought process and will have no relation with the past thoughts. All the mind control thoughts will be emotional in nature which utilizes more brain resource than the mundane thought, emotional thoughts will suppress the reasoning brain from functioning so that only the execution part of the brain is only active. This helps in the perps in complete and accurate mind control by disabling the decision making part of the brain (which helps the brain in choosing the right actions). Natural thought flow are linked to each other. Thoughts of the Human brain operates in a chained manner. One thought lead to other which has a relation or link between them. For example if you see a picture of food in TV then you might remember that you have to cook for dinner. If you remember that you have to cook then you will remember that you have forgotten to buy bread or other items for cooking, if you remember that you have to shop then you would remember that you have to buy other items and so on. Above example shops how the thoughts are linked to each other and the way the thought flow from one to other. Normally all the thoughts formed in the human brain works in this fashion of linking the thoughts to form new thoughts which directs you to perform the required action. When a new thought is formed in the brain which has no relation between the previous one then it is not a natural thought and it could be a mind control thought which is forced into your brain. This method helps in differentiating the normal thought from the other thoughts. 1. Signature of the thought: There are methods that helps in differentiating the normal thoughts from the mind control thoughts by analyzing the signature of the thought. Every human has a unique style of thinking or forming a thought. The attributes of the thoughts are attitude of the thought, energy of the thought and perspective of the thought. 1.1 Attitude of the thought process: This method helps in differentiating the mind control thoughts from normal thoughts by analyzing the attitude of the thought. For example when you want to meet your manager you will have a plan when to meet him. Normal thought process of feeling to meet your manager would be “I am done with the work and I shall meet the manager now”. But the mind control thought would be “MEET THE MANAGER NOW”. Here the attitude of the two thought process are different. In case of Mind controlled thought process the information is blunt which only activates your brain part which is responsible for only execution of the task and does not activate the reasoning part of the brain. But in the case of normal thought process the first part of the brain which gets activated is the reasoning part, then followed by the execution part of the brain. In the case of mind controlled thought the perp only wants to activate the execution part of the brain because if the reasoning part of the brain gets activated then the TI might think “why should we meet the manager now and is this the right time“ or decide the decision that is advantageous for the TI. 1.1.1 Why this mind control: Mind control thought of meeting the manager can be for many reasons. The perp is ready with the mind control of the manager so that the manager can scold the TI, which might look to the TI as if the manager is stalking. In this case if you delay the meeting then the perp has to wait and this produces the uncertainty in the mind control process and execution. But when you give up and plan to meet the manager immediately after the mind control then the perp who is ready with the mind control machine can control the manager to scold the TI. 1.2 Energy of the thought: Energy in the Normal thought process will be almost the same between the thoughts (that is the energy is same from one thought to the other). The energy of the mind control thought will be normally different from the energy of the normal thought process. Whenever you get a thought who’s energy is substantially higher that the previous thought then there is high probability that the thought to be mind controlled. Normally energy of the thought process will be higher than the mundane thought process. The energy for the mundane thought process like “drink water” and the energy of the critical thought process like “I forgot to lock the house door ” will be different. By learning the difference of energy and learning to analyze the energy for each process will help us to differentiate between the mind control thought process whose energy will be different from the previous normal thought. For example you are watching the commercials in the TV about the food, which induces thoughts like Thought1 “Oh I am suppose to cook for dinner” and this thought would give rise to thought like Thought2 “to cook I need to buy olive oil and I don’t have it in the house” which once again gives rise to thought Thought3 “I have to shop for olive oil”. The energy level of the thought 1,2 and 3 would approximately same. But assume when perp is mind controlling you and it happens to be in between the thought2 and thought3, then the energy level of the thought3 will be very different (high) from the thought2. 1.3 Perspective of the thought: When a perp wants mind control you then the perspective of the perp is to make you follow the mind control thought irrespective of anything. The perp may not care about the style of the thought or the perp have limitation such that the perp may not know what you really want at the given time. What the perp wants is to make you follow the mind control thought. In such case the perspective of the thought or the shortness in the perspective of the induced mind control thoughts will lack in style or information. By learning what perps could know or what would be the perps perspective, helps in differentiating the mind controlled thought from the normal thoughts. 1.2 Deception of victims to achieve accurate mind control:
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To make the TI believe that all his/her peers are perps, perps have to setup a drama to begin with, so that the TI develop the belief that all his peers are perps. This drama can be arranged such that the peers of the TI can be mind controlled and make the peers to display the standard anchor (standard gesture of the perp to display the gang stalking like cough, rude behaviors, scratching the nose, etc which cause bad mood in TI) the perps normally display.

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After controlling the peers of TI to display Gangstalking anchors or gesture, the perps mind control the TI saying that the “this peer is definitely a perp” and the perps might repeat this often on many peers so that the TI believes that all the peers are perps. This type of mind control can be classified as Training based mind control where the perps introduce a belief in the TI and use this belief in later stage to cause bad mood or mind control and hence the social control of the TI. 

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The ultimate aim of the perps is to control the TI in all the aspect of the life. To control a person, the person should lose control of himself such that the mind control can take over the persons mind and hence the mind control. To make a person lose control of himself, the person should be excited emotionally and one way of doing it in the work place (for example) is by making the person to think hostile about his peers as part work place social control.

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For example if a TI is working in a company and perp is planning to have complete control of the TI in the work place then the TI has to be emotionally excited with bad mood often. By doing so the TI can be easily mind controlled whenever the perp want. One way of emotionally exciting the TI is to play around the belief of the TI. In this type of mind control the Tis belief is changed or exerted using the mind control.

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