Rest In Peace Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax (04-18-2010)

Rest In Peace Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax (04-18-2010)
So many of us could learn a thing or two from Mr. Tale-Yax! His very last act on this earth was a noble and selfless act. He could have just as easily let that man continue in attacking that woman but he didn't! He chose to do the HUMANE thing and help that woman! Just imagine for a moment what could have happened to that woman if Mr. Tale Yax didn't come to her rescue. I'll tell you something....I don't care who you are, there is NO reason to not help your fellow man/woman when there is imminent danger! I've been hearing about possible reasons as to why all 25 people just passed Mr. Tale-Yax by as he laid there dying! REASON #1: It's not my problem--Are you kidding me!!!? REASON #2: Didn't want to get involved because of reprocussions--Again, are you kidding me!!!? And REASON #3: They didn't get involved because of the "desensitation"! Meaning that we've become so accustomed to the graphic violence that we see on T.V. all the time. WHAT A CROCK!!!! It DOESN'T matter how much FAKE violence you see on T.V.! For crying out loud! When you see a REAL HUMAN BEING on the street dying you friggen HELP that person!!!! As for fear of reprocussions....Ummmm...someone could always make an annonymous call! I just think it's amazing that we live in such a technological world and not one single person that passed him by could lift a friggen finger to dial 911! But yet some jackass could go through the trouble of taking Mr. Tale-Yax's picture on his cell phone!!! And as for ANYONE thinking "it's not my problem".....Ah, YEAH it is YOUR problem! How would YOU feel if someone shot or stabbed you and you could see all these people walking by you and not stopping to help!!!??? How would YOU feel if someone was beating you within an inch of your life and nobody came to your rescue???? WAKE UP people!!! Humanity is ALL of our concern!!!! We have a HUGE problem in this world and you better start taking notice!! Have you even noticed that we have A LOT of angry young people in this world??? More and more you hear about KIDS killing other people! I'm talking about kids in the age range of 8 years old - 18 years old!!! You didn't hear of such stories 50 or 60 years ago! So now we're left with the question, "What's changed that's making our kids so angry?" Well I could tell you but I don't think I have enough room on here to do that. ******************************************************* "Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." Matt. 25:40 ******************************************************** "Whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me." Matt. 25:45 ******************************************************** "If anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward." Matt. 10:42
создатель: guardian06

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Rest In Peace Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax
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ilsabailey пишет:

4101 days назад
as always your work is excellent And your words profound.  

alwaysanangel69 пишет:

4102 days назад
My condolences to the family. It's so hard to believe some people on this earth can live, walk, breath, and just be alive without a heart and just let some one die. It breaks my heart. R.I.P.

dmg1953 пишет:

4102 days назад
How did a great job on this

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