Frostbite the wolf(old char)

Frostbite the wolf(old char)
*a really old character i wanted to bring back she already likes someone though ^^'*Name:Frostbite(really name is katy)/Age:16(immortal)/Species:Wolf/Likes:Iblis(youll see why in a minute),darkness,quietness,blood,being alone/Dislikes:Sunlight and a lot of other stuff/Element of power:ice,chaos and darkness/Special Attacks:unkown/Pet Peves:shes kind of insane/History:Frostbite used to be a normal girl who was very beautiful and popular she loved to sneak into places so one night she and all her friends snook into a labratory.She was messing around with some machines when suddenly something tragic happened.The machine exploded releasing tons of toxins and other bad stuff all of her friends died in the accident except her.She mutated and everthing including her gender got F@#$ed up.She was close to death when Iblis found her.Iblis took pity for her and took her under her wing and gave her a new name "Frostbite".Ever since then Frostbite has lived with iblis and is considered Iblise's "favourite".Now as i menchoned before Her gender got messed up in the accident so now shes secretly in love with Iblis(iblis feels the same way but wont tell her face to face)
создатель: blingeebird

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Frostbite the wolf(old char)
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