.Miℓєy for Michi.//.♥

.Miℓєy for Michi.//.♥
Michi this is for you.. Before u leave for ur holiday! Pls write me when u r back :D I love u so freaking much Angel♥ We can choose so many angel's song, u've alrady choose one or two..And them were so beautiful, now is my turn! I chose this hope u lke it bestie♥: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpI8E-Nol0g You and me forever togheter Yea? Is it a promise michi? For me Yes! *-* You mean the world for me..You became so important in my life now, so much that I can't live without you kay? Reamain with me forever kay? And never leave me..I need you..You are my energy, my air, my strong, u give me all i need for live, and without u I'd feel alone, sad, and died... :') So thank for everything u did. Your words are always so sweet and cute..and u make me smile. Thx for be always there for me, for the help, for the smile, u put in the comment or for the little heart♥ Now, u stole a little part of my heart, but now it is urs and u hv take it, and love it. Or my body will die :S xD Lyssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssfm♥ Forever :') Never ever wanna lose you gurl :D You mean the whole universe remember it..Friends for life :3 Eli&Michi. Ti amo. Eu liebe dich♥ o5/o8/11 h.9.32
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Miley Cyrus ♥ By twilightfan_97
Remember just to live every day like it's your last (Crash by Sum 41 black transparent quote) [nermai]
Remember just to live every day like it's yout last (Crash by Sum 41 white and black transparent quote) [nermai]



Lys-giirl пишет:

4005 дней назад
Its not easy to catch an angle but i did it. Because a person can't be so cute so friendly♥ You are an angle my girl
and i never let you go again ♥

The blingee is just fantastic i love Miley and the colours *_*
faves and 10000.... stars

iloveyou Elisa my Angle ♥

Lys-giirl пишет:

4005 дней назад
Your words are in my mind for a long time. I love you so much my angle.
You're right we can choose by a lot songs but no song is so wonderful like the melody of your pretty little heart.♥
I need you my girl.
I need you sooo much!
You are just fantastic and wonderful.
Your personalty, your laugh, your smile everything is  so unique
you are unique :')
I learn to love you and i don't want to forgett.
I could never forgett.
'Cause i remind on you every day ♥

Lys-giirl пишет:

4005 дней назад
Ohhh Elisa *_*
I could cry now again :D
but im control myself ;) You are just wonderful. I can't say how much you mean to me today
you became a sooo wonderful sweet and fantastic friend to me.
And of course its a promise that i will love you forever.
You became so important for me in a so short time its a kind of magic :)
I love you with all my heart
and you've got a key to my heart darling. This key don't get everyone. 
But i know you will keep him safe ♥

nannerl2302 пишет:

1 день назад
trop belle

dalmy98 пишет:

4032 дня назад
Cool,sweet and wonderful!!
I love it!!!

Lys-giirl пишет:

4032 дня назад
OMG Elisa :3
i could cry now.
its sooo wonderful
you are so wonderful
i can't write the whole comment now but i want that you know 
i love you! ♥

More than everything :3
i will see you in 2 weeks with your wonderful laugh and smile

ti amo.
Ich liebe dich ♥

alessiaxx11 пишет:

4032 дня назад

choupie2345 пишет:

4032 дня назад
so awesome ^^

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