Once apon a time

Once apon a time
Once apon a time, a princess named Gracie was about to marry a prince. She went out of her kingdom and in the forest found Carlos, a kindly prince. When she got home to her kingdom, she told the king and queen about carlos. The queen decided that they can have a tour about both kingdoms. When Carlos arived, Gracie invited him to see the most beautiful parts of the castle. "Your kingdom is thriving, while mine is disappering" said Carlos. In the gardens, Carlos found a rose, gleaming with life and gave it to Gracie. The next day after tea, Gracie Saw her love's kingdom. It was in deep troble. " A war against the gantos tore our city." Carlos explained "That's terrible!" Gracie cried "Marring you means we have money to rebulid." Carlos explained. A week later, a portrait was painted, then they kissed. Later on, the princess took ill. With a ring on her finger. "I love you." was her final words. The prince was sad over her fate and got killed in a war. In Heaven a wedding cereamony was held for Gracie and Carlos. Back on Earth, The king found gold and took it to the prince's mother and father. The humans and angels lived happily ever after.
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3816 days назад
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stéphielove пишет:

3816 days назад
Bonne Journée
Gros Bisous♥♥♥♥♥

balletgirl1012 пишет:

3817 days назад
Oh yea, but I changed the names so sorry! :-O

annalisa111 пишет:

3818 days назад
Ummm, You know that picture of the prince and princess is Adventure Time fanart, right?

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