: : Bullets : :

: : Bullets : :
The humming of the engine drilled through my ears, The street-lights ahead casting glare after glare on the silver bike helmet I recently picked up. My bike had been worn from the miles of travel without rest, so had the grip on my knuckles. Though I was use to the ride, the rain from earlier still clung to pieces of the leather fabric I managed to slide into on my departure. The highway in the busy town was dead silent, aside from the typical police sirens in the far distance. Everything blurred around me from the speed of the bike, I would of been a cops catch of the season if one where to lay eyes on my speed. I slowed as I entered the outskirts of the city, towers loomed over me. Their reflection in my helmet taunting as to the small town I had left only hours ago. The sound of the gravel beneath the worn tires on my bike caused my concern. "Could it be flat?" I Thought aloud, just long enough to jar my attention to the nearest gas station. Heat lightning lighted the skies as I rolled up to the high-class station. A truck show had just been closing at the area next to it, it appeared to be A fair-ground; Or so the banner hanging infront of the entrance to the fence stated. I had ended up parking the bike towards the left of an air pump, A man in A black typical leather jacket rolled up behind me, Purposely burning the rubber on his wheels as he stopped on A dime off to the left of me. I could see the reflection of my white bike in his dark glasses. " Really going to wear shades in the dead of night?" My voice said with as little care as it could pronounce out, I pulled loose the helmet about my neck, letting loose the long ponytail of black. The guy smirked with his shadowed mustache across his face, clearly the typical drunk. He slid off his shades, walking his way up beside me. Purposely he snatched the air-pump valve from off the ground, bits of oil had been smeared over it. " Does your little self need help with this?" He spat at me, it caused my lips to curl in the normal cocky fashion. My family hated it when I did that smirk, made them think I was up to something sinister. "Tell you what, You do it for me and I wont break those shades". Feeling more threatened than anything, I could see the tension in his smile as he hurried along with the valve. As he placed it on my tire, I took another look at his bike. It was stolen, How'd I know? The guy didn't give enough damns to even take off half of the boot he'd knocked off its back tire. Within the next few seconds I had plotted everything I desired. Guess at this point my family was right, That smirk always followed plots. Rust had been worn up on the tired of the freshly pumped bike, clearly my bike had been over used. " How about I take this stolen bike off your hands?" I mumbled to him, as I pulled the silver wallet out of the small pouch about my hip. He stood immediately, his hand on A pocket knife he seemed to of already had out. I Wasn't the only planner in this situation. "I'm listening" He grunted as he mouthed the words. "I'll give you a gran, then you'll take the bike of mine and get out of my site. Deal?" I said with little care. I brushed up to him, pressing my chest against his. Purposely making him uncomfortable and grabby.. I could feel his hands try to slither their way up my black top, feeling along the skin. With A nervous nod he agreed, That's when I snatched the knife from his grasp. Before he clearly could react, still focused at the soft touch of a woman, I jabbed the blade into the skin between his thighs... and up. He fell to his knees infront of me, Trying his best to not cry out like the wimp he was behind the shades. With A heavy shove from my boot to his forehead, he fell over. I Sat down on the warm seat of his bike, the black leather against my thighs felt soothing. "Thanks for business" I smiled to him with the nod of my head before I slid the helmet back on. I rolled out in A more normal pace, taking the heel of my boot and knocking the back tires catch off. No more evidence the bike was stolen besides the tag. It wasn't untill I pulled out, I noticed A woman in white behind me. She had A familiar grin on her face beneath the glasses of the bike helmet. I sped up tiredly, yet willing to put up A fight. Before I could look back to see where she'd steer, she was next to me. It wasn't untill I noticed the jarring pain through my ankle that the smell of A bullet caught me, the motor ruffled the sound of the gun quite well. I pulled loose A typical fishing hook on A string. As the hook flew through the bit of gap between me and the stranger, it clutched onto her back bike tire. The string used around the hook was not the typical fishing line either, it was steel. As the string wrapped about its destination, it corroded her bikes wheel. However the look she had in her eyes said otherwise, Just as my expectations for her had dropped to. She reached over, to my waist. Jumping from the seat of her bike to behind me. She reached into the pouch on my side and pulled out my black smooth gun, putting it to the back of my neck. I admit, it caused me to swallow, unsure of myself for once. "Park it" She whispered in my ear in A seductive tone, I couldn't help but grin as the bike rolled up to an abandon garage area in the back streets of the city. Few dogs ran amongst and ally cats, typical deserted area really. That sudden rush of pain my ankle again seared up my leg, I had tried to stand. She noticed she hit me, with more of A concerned look. She wrapped her arm around my waist and help me hoist myself from the bike. With that she propped me up against the garage wall, she knelt down and pulled up the leg of my black pants.. "I Just nicked it, the bullet went out.." She laughed as she said it. I on the other hand was not laughing, it was my ankle after all. Not hers.I Had maneuvered myself to jab my right elbow hard enough into her skull she'd atleast fall, to my surprise she caught my elbow. She pushed herself infront of me, taking full advantage of me being unable to walk. Her lips grazed down my neck, as soothing as it was disturbing .. I let her. It wasn't till three hours later the sun started rising on us both, we had managed to lay out on the curb staring at the late night clouds. She was bundled up in my arms, full of all the affection I could muster in three hours... that's how I fell in love with her. I never figured out why she'd try to kill me in the first place. Was that simple touch of her lips really that taunting?...... Perhaps me forgiving her, caused me to forget it.. Perhaps that touch of love was just enough to send such spark into A blaze.
создатель: Rosealia

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