Trish ID (Sorry it messed up!)

Trish ID (Sorry it messed up!)
Name: Trish - Nicknames: Trisha - Name meaning: Noble - Age: 5 years - Mother: Dead - Father: Dead - Siblings: Deceased older brother - Crush(s): Zaki(timberwolfgirl) - Crush(es)on her: Zaki - Mate: Zaki - Son(s): Airforce(timberwolfgirl) and Andy - Daughter(s): None - Personality: Friendly, outgoing, laid-back, protective of her sons, loving to her mate - Likes: Her mate, her sons, her sonic friend Mikayla, her older brother - Dislikes: Other mares flirting with her man, her parents - History: She was born in a throughbred stable, her mother saw her as a disgrace because she was the daughter of a wild mustang stallion and would have nothing to do with her, no other mares would accept ehr so the humans had to bottle feed her, she grew quickly and soon was able to live on grass and hay. When she was young around 3 months old she met Mikayla a young girl who loved horses. they bonded and when Trish was a yearling she was trained to be a racehorse. Mikayla and Trish won many races, but after a racing accident where Trish sprained her leg, Mikayla took her home and kept her as her horse. When she turned 3 she met Zaki a handsome wild stallion. She instantly fell in love with him and wanted more than anything to be with him. Mikayla saw this so she let her go with him and they decided to start a family. She gave birth to two colts named Andy and Airforce she loved ehr sons more than anything in the world. When Andy grew up he found a girl and left with her. Airforce stayed with them, but Trish got seprated from them and now is on her own. She longs to see the love of her life and her beautiful sons....
создатель: Regentvice

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timberwolfgirl12 пишет:

3217 дней назад
Zaki: my beautiful girl. ^^ *he neighed proudly and swayed his tail*
Air Force: Mom!!! :D 

GinandRiki2 пишет:

3217 дней назад
Thunder: hi there!

Death_The_Kid... пишет:

3217 дней назад
lol nice

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