..:: The Story ::..

..:: The Story ::..
Do you remember the day as clearly as I do? My memory is shot, busted and down right unreliable. But I remember it, for its one of my proudest. I sent it to you once more, that song. Those lyrics, I was made for you. You cried, and you poured out the truth. You reversed to me the lines that you once just saw it as A petty song because for what ever reason, You figured I just sent it... to send it, because it was sweet. But. We both know your eyes teared up, and you confessed it now meant something to you. I listen to his breath linger off the words, I still picture myself saying them to you. These stories don't mean anything, when you've got no one to tell them to, It's true. Oh but my dear, I was made for you. That's not just A lyric. Not just A small petty comment this man has made to you. It is one of the most serious things I believe in. To the point, I hardly ever mutter the word Soul Mate. Untill I learned recently you believed in it too. Hearing those words, made me want to grasp you tight. .. Hold you near and dear. Despite the times where I do grow into something I am doing, despite if it seems I am not thinking of you. Always I am, Always doing something for you. But that is A double edge sword, is it not? To do something so devoted to you, that it makes me slightly shun you. Not purposely, Oh dear no... My head is A mess you know, Demented thoughts I could never let anyone in on. But you My dear, You know what I've been through.. I want to have more of those moments with you, I miss making you cry over the kind words I use to write for you. I don't know how to make that happen again, Perhaps I have slipped out of my delicate writing era and turned crippled in that hobby. But for you, I'd bring it back. For you, I'd slave away at writing just to earn even one tear. So elegant I see you as, despite some of the actions you do. But My love, let my heart guide you in knowing You are my only love. My only one I wish to attempt to guide into the depths of my soul. So I allow you to run your fingertips into my very soul, Feel the darkness I thrive in. But know, that Darkness is not A disease. Is the light from you, that keeps it at bay.. Just you. No other woman nor Man could ease such tender things that you do. I do not say that often, if not ever. Darling, I am in love with you. As I always say to you, I am Forevermore Yours.. Truly.
создатель: Rosealia

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