Rest In Peace Rocky

Rest In Peace Rocky
My sweetest kitty was 9 years old when he passed away suddenly after having a seizure on 1-18-18. He was my lap kitty and my best buddy, and I miss him terribly. I know he will always be in my heart and I will love him forever. Rest in peace my sweet baby, I love you!!
создатель: KMBJTH

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asildefou пишет:

1768 дней назад
I'm so sorry for you Karen! I have two cats, I know what you feel, a terrible loss!

SRK-Fan пишет:

1768 дней назад

dagmarb пишет:

1768 дней назад
*•. .•*alle 5 S*T*R*N*E* Sterne für Dich 
/.•*•.\ ☆•*¨*•.¸¸☆☆¸.•**•☆
      Danke  für deine Freundschaft 
         und Kommis mit Sternen.
           ❤️lichst deine Dagmar ❤️
               ❤️•**• ❤️ ❤️•**• ❤️

Framboise2010 пишет:

1769 дней назад
                     /'´'´'\            SuBeRbE
                    //^ ^\\      /l,,
   ŦαηTαStiC (/(_♥_)\)  (゚、 。 '7  
                    _/''*''\_  ♥ 、 ~ヽ   
                   (/_)^(_\)   じし(_, )
         мercι poυr тeѕ voтeѕ, тeѕ ɢeɴтιlѕ
             coммeɴтαιreѕ eт тoɴ αмιтιe !

❀үυғғιε.vαℓεη... пишет:

1769 дней назад

tinemm пишет:

1769 дней назад
So sorry Karen 

BBB338 пишет:

1769 дней назад
So sorry to hear about the suddden passing of your dear kitty Rocky, RIP! Beautiful memorial tribute Blinge! 5*

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