I'm Back!

I'm Back!
I finally got the Pale Moon browser working. I don't know how, since I couldn't even figure out how to open it the last few times. I also have no idea what I did to make Flash work on here either. I must've done something right in my 50th try of figuring this all out, because it all started working for me! I'm super happy to be back! I missed making Blingees so much! Definitely a beautiful day and a reason to smile for me!:)
создатель: JulieBaka

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passionpussycat пишет:

111 дней назад
Beautiful :)

wilfried1947 пишет:

112 дней назад
Welcome back. Julie, why did you have problems with the PaleMoon browser? All you have to do is download it, click on it and enter the Blingee address. With the Flash player you can make a mistake, if you do not click there the last line, "no update". You could have contacted me, then together we could have possibly solved the problem. I am interested in what problems others have!

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