LADY MIRROR *-* A long time ago a fading beauty crossed the sky...she was star-shaped and left a rainbow stream behind her....she smashed to the ground as breaking glass...the sudden sound awakened a young poet whose companion was loneliness and whose shadow was inspiration...that night he had slept almost nothing..and so the sound startled him as from a terrible nightmare...he gained consciousness of the situation almost at once...and then he heard the most melodious and insiprating voice he had ever heard....his green eyes reflected the bright starry sky and searched through the icy winter air the woman whose voice was filling his soul of idelas of love and purity.... *-* Nvere had she known love for love was inside her own soul and she spread it around each night from her starry home up in the sky....Never had he ever been hit so by Cupid so roughly he could feel the wooden arrow stuck in the bosom of his trembling helpless in front of such a sight...and such a fruity voice.....her pale complexion, especially in such a moonless night, seemed to have been sent by the moon to replace her and the moon herself seemed to shine from within the woman...her chestnut long hair had the tender lazyness of the seafoam that rides gently the rushy waves and leads them over the golden sand........her thin figure embrassed the night and welcomed it...her long arms opened to reach the higher skies her head leaned up to search her brothers and sisters.....still up they were watching her...their eyes a silver pinheads.....after what seemed an eternity, she gracefully kneeled to the ground, embracing her head with trembling arms, and her bosy started to shiver, only rapped by a fading pink silky dress............purple and golden flowers entwined in her hair...suddenly an ivory hand made the lady stratle and lift steady her amber shiny eyes, wet with tears of fear *-* "Don't be afraid, fair godness....I know you now found yourself in a world i's not your own...but, you see we are two of a kind and we have much more in common than you think....we are both in a world that cannot understands us spread love and warmth around you....and your beauty doesn't belong to common mortals...please let me pardon for having dared to touch you...and let me bow to such an ispiring angel flown to the Eart from the upper Heavens...inhabited by beauty..." and then the poet kneeled just beside her, his head leaning towards the ground. The lady at once felt that the fear had left her and a sudden joy and calmness......she felt like the calm sea after the tempest-breath fade way... She stood up and reached his ivory hand "I beg your pardon, sir, my language is not proper nor worthy of this world but i beg you to pardon for the worry i brought to you and I thank you for your worries....I inhabit the heavens as you just said ...know nothing about mortal life or passions...i spread love without having knowledge of it...i fear fear itself since i cannot know death...and loneliness above all....a lonely spirit is a death spirit...more than this i know not..." "Being loneliness my only companion i beg you stay away from me, i don't want to corrupt your soul with my cruel human passions...your beauty i think is a stranger to you...a mirror...a mirror wouldn't have the strenght to reflect the perfect and pure beauty of a god..." "Mirror?" said her innocently... "A glassy surface that reflects our traits....a mask of reality for reality itself is only gods' possession i believe...every gesture every human action has the finality to reach the extreme destination: our diying-day." "Seems nice to see....oh i wish so much to see a mirror" said her, and a longing sigh accompained her request. The poet stared at her intensly and after a few moments of silence he whispered: "I don't hink that would be a good thing for a god an immortal soul is such as long as doesn't have knowledge of her secrets and soon as the beautiful lad Narcissus saw his perfect reflection upon the fatal waters, he lost consciousness of himself and was drawn to his doom..." "So be it" replied the lady, her eyes fixed on the honey dew trembling grass...and esitated, caressing with her pale toes the blades of grass, startling at ht etouch of the freezing dew.. The poet suddenly reached her hand and in a whisper promised her "By thosew silver stars which blesse our nights and guide our journeys in the dark, by the unreachable beauty which you won i swear to you that till we will find a way to make you return home" and lifted the emerald eyes to the sky " I will make you aware of everuthing that reguards Nature, Beauty and Art and keep you away from the cruelty and avidity of amnkind...just...please...follow me....and never leave the path of Beauty and Righteousness....." "I" her eyes shone into the night and a silver ray rapped her as if she was already home,.....she seemed to be on a high pedestal...and was meeting only a poor man's request... "From an immortal soul to a mortla one, i will grantto you my holy wings and protectyou from angelic flight will be your companion from that day on..." But only the thought of losing her, that they will aprt someday...made the poet feel weak and a cold sweat wet his hands..... The poet smiled at the best he could and then accompained the lady to lakes and woods, seas and deserts and valleys.......he made her listen to the birds' singing and the rushing of the sea's day she was lying eside a river and the water's bubbling was the only sound on that paradise on earth....and she was alone since the poet went to some place to bring food for himself sicne she needed none thanks to her immortal nature...alone bathed by the sunlight....or so she the woods a misterious presence, whose dark purpose was darker than night itself, made its irst move....and revealed its shadow to the sun.....Her thin figure just moved and turned to the river, when something in the air caught her attention...."Oh....the young man told em about little and frail must be...oh yes! A butterlfy....purple and silver....a new one!!!" and the ingenuous lady stood up and with a grace that wasn't of this world began to follow the butterfly's flight through the air...The misterious presence smiled and stepped back, into the dark, in await. Of his prey. (to be continued...^^)
создатель: sailorwar...

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dolcemelodia пишет:

5013 дней назад
Blingee bellissimo,gli elementi che mi hanno colpito sono,i riflesso e il colore della carta(giallo antico).5*

...---Lupetta... пишет:

1 день назад
Che bellooo!E fantasticoo!!!Bellissima l'elfa!!*.*...Eh cmq grazie del commento ke mi hai lasciato!Kiss3tti
P.s. questo blingee merita di più di 5 stelline!

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