Blingee Stamps By Request

Blingee Stamps By Request

Custom Stamps By Request. This group is for requesting custom stamps for your blingees, Everyone wants them, so why not get them?! Join this group now for exclusive custom stamps!

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Artists, blingee enthusiasts and more!!! Welcome to the original group created by Blingee Team Member & Blingee Artist "starlighte".

Custom stamps by request. Pretty simple. If there is something that you have been looking for and can't find it, leave a request for that stamp here. 

Stamps can be created for you as specific as you want them.

If you are an artist, and you can make custom stamps message me to join this group as artists for custom graphics. A request for a graphic will be made to become an official artist.

Once stamps have been made a link will be posted so you may locate it. 

Some idea's for custom stamps:


Rules for requesting stamps:
Please leave a post below in the (Stamp Request) forum with a description of the stamp you would like including colors, images, animated, glitter and other info.
If you have an image you would like to be used please leave your email in message so that one of the artists may directly contact you for the image.
Stamps will be uploaded and a link will be posted in the (Links to stamps) forum.

Please respect others in this group, no obscene language or images will be tolerated. If you violate these rules then you will be given a warning, if you continue to violate these rules you will be banned from the group


Get ur Bling On!

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