Inspired by JJ Johnsons Music Geoff Alpert Releases Album

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J.J. Johnson is a renowned drummer who has performed for many great artists including John Mayer, Charlie Mars and Boz Scaggs.  Johnson also served as a source of inspiration for Geoff Alpert while writing his new smooth jazz album “Open Your Heart.”  Johnson’s experience and versatility between styles and his willingness to meld different genres and musical ideas served as a perfect role model for Alpert’s diverse smooth jazz focused album which uses components from many musical styles.  

“Open Your Heart” has an emotional intention behind it that is rarely present in music these days.  Geoff Alpert found his way back to music after the passing of his wife in 2002.  He took this loss and turned it into motivation to create a smooth jazz album that exudes positivity and good intentions.  Alpert attributes much of who he is to his extensive study of the martial art Ken-Ka-Kung Fu.  

Geoff Alpert’s “Open Your Heart” is an album that has something for almost everyone.  The music is relaxing, uplifting, and intelligently composed.  If you haven’t yet, you can listen to the album on iTunes here:, CD Baby here: and Amazon here: 

Be sure to keep up with Geoff on Facebook here:, Twitter here:, Reverbnation here: and his official website for any updates.

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