Combine Love of Country Music and Art With Jagertown’s New Album

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Have you always loved the album art of  your Country CD’s? I know I do! Southern country band Jagertown are doing this awesome new thing called Litholyrics. The band felt that each song off their upcoming EP (and title track) “Rearview”  should be turned  into art. They have never followed a set formula, and always brought unique perspectives to the country music scene. To them, litholyrics were an exciting project to take on, giving their music a new medium to tackle and going further in telling the story behind each song. Various sizes and styles are available for fans! Can be bought online or at one of their awesome shows this summer. Check em out online at

In addition to making the Lytholyrics, Jagertown has just released the title track off of their upcoming EP “Rearview” to rave reviews all over the board. The single is charting on the Most Added Music Row Country Breakout chart which is a huge deal for Country music! You can check out the new music video on Youtube at:

The country band enlisted the help of expert illustrator and graphic novelist Dan Dreier to create these one of a kind Litholyrics. Each song on the EP will be made into a different piece of limited artwork, with the lyrics printed on the back and personally signed. 

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