Thanks, Anniverseries, Congratulations, Get Well

Thanks,  Anniverseries, Congratulations, Get Well

Cards of all styles. Cards for all age groups. RESTRICTION: nothing that resembles nudity. Please don't put other topics in the group. NO PRIVATE PROFILES

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**Thank You"......."Congratulations"......."Get Well Soon"                   "Anniversaries & Weddings"

              A GIFT OF ART

To give to ANY age group.................

Everyone may join, invite your friends..........

              PLEASE READ ALL

No Nudity
Serious Blings only
Please don't upload every bling you've made for your friends with their names on it, & keep it to the subject of the group.
Be creative! For example: "Thank You", a cute or pretty Bling for specific 'thanks'...a great time visiting could be art with a kitchen gathering, and not need to SAY "Thank You" which can be in your own personal message.

           This blingee ART says 'just coming by to wish you, hope that, from me, thinking of you...etc. It doesn't need the printed words on the bling.
       Or it can just be the current season, or something they enjoy/ use your imagination....the card itself is the real message.

EXAMPLE of style: This could say 'HI', 'Love You' to a sister, 'Miss You' Thanks, Hope you get well soon', Have a great day' etc....Be creative!!!

Cards can be for any age group. And remember you can also print them. They are great for scrap booking backgrounds keepsakes also.'s first Valentine, teen's Christmas card from one friend to another...etc.

Managers:   alwayswellsaid  and  NanniJay

**** "Thank You" cards

**** "Congratulations" cards 
               for ANY occasion  
        "Weddings and Anniversaries"

**** "Get Well Soon" cards


Created: July 12, 2012
Managers: alwayswellsaid

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