"do not fear me, child. i've always been here. i have witnessed all your past as though i was your own father. come to me..." ~ Slenderman.

⊗ Inari ⊗ 19 Years old ⊗ Otaku, Gamer & Rocker ⊗

A little bit more about me:
1. My favourite anime: Kakegurui
2. My second favourite anime: Fate Stay Night
3. Favourite colour: Black
4. Second favourite colour: White
5. Favourite band ever: Starset
6. Favourite music: Telephatic 
7. Hobbies: Read, listen to music and play videgames.
8. Favourite game: Slender - The Arrival
9. Second favourite game: Ninja Gaiden III

1. Slenderman is my favourite creepypasta ever
2. Liu and Helen (Bloody Painter) are my other favourites
3. I study linguistics
4. You can talk to me also in Spanish and Portuguese
5. Nice to meet you all!!!

"where are you going? why won't you stay? they might be scared of you, but i just want to play"


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I saw your ghost tonight. I know it feel so real.
"Do not fear me, child"
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