Hello there and welcome to my profile!> v 0

My name is Noela but you can call me Miku,Noel,Anis etc.
I am now in the 9th grade so yeah....not really im not that happy but still i don't care.I love to draw anime and my inspiration is Rini-Tan she is so awesome i love her artwork and everytime i see her artwork all i think is how horrible my art is Q v Q but i try and do my 
best.I love baby animals especially baby bunnies and birds they are so cute Q v Q.My birthday is on July 12 so heck yeah during the summer '(-3-)'
I am a Patriots fan and its not because of Tom Brady.I love Maroon 5 because they are so awesome especially Adam Levine hes so awesome. I love anime my favorite is Air Gear because Agaito and Lind are so awesome ≧∇≦.
I love sports swimming is my favorite sport and i want to become the next Albanian Micheal Phelps(i have a weird imagination sorry guys -^-')i also love football and i enjoy many other things because i love the outdoors.I love evrything cute and kawaii and i love bunnies because they are so FLUFFY Q u Q.
Thats all i hope you guys like my blingees and thank you so much everyone > v 0 Bye bye


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Beℓℓatrix пишет:

2432 дня назад
>> Upside Down <<
⊱ A Japanese dream.
Thank you. 

Beℓℓatrix пишет:

2523 дня назад
₄° ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇsᴛ ℳυѕιcαℓ tเ๓є ♪♫♪

⊱ A Japanese dream.

Beℓℓatrix пишет:

2563 дня назад
✰ 4º TORNEO Oтнєя Gяσυρѕ ✰ 2° STAGE

Ƭнαηк уσυ ^-^

Beℓℓatrix пишет:

1 день назад
⊱ A Japanese dream.

₂° ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇsᴛ﹕Fantasy
Thank you.(• ◡•)

Terry_Neko_22 пишет:

2643 дня назад
✿✿❀❀ ❁◀☯▶ Aηιмє Aятιѕт ◀ ☯▶❁✾✾✿✿❀❀


Beℓℓatrix пишет:

2644 дня назад
Thank you so much for joining my group! ^//^

Beℓℓatrix пишет:

2647 дней назад
⊱ A Japanese dream. 

Jℴin pℓℯasℯ. >//<  Thanks.

chicasignocan... пишет:

2849 дней назад
¡¡¡ feliz san valentin ¡¡¡

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