I myself ,am strange and unusual

Ilove art in any form, and what I consider as art, others 
may not.     I write poetry,very dark poetry,check out my page on facebook, its called [deep underground poetry]
I am a photographer also , check out my flickr page 
https://www.flickr.com/photos/144035603@N05/. I like to read, I like to dance, I love making blingee art!

ATTENTION!!!!! here is a link to my deviantart check it out!https://www.deviantart.com/13celeste


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m1a6c пишет:

560 дней назад
for my friend from blingee and picmix
and i hope that you doing fine 
hugs marion

m1a6c пишет:

882 дня назад
it's too early
for this gift
I wish you and your family a merry Christmas
hugs and kisses marion

m1a6c пишет:

910 дней назад

BrightStarLight пишет:

968 дней назад
To make blingees is possible, I am very happy !!!read my profile if you want to know how is this possible!

P1949 пишет:

1106 дней назад
bonjour comment fait tu pour faire des blingee ? merci

cc3clown пишет:

1114 дней назад
dolldivine.com kiss :)

m1a6c пишет:

1180 дней назад
Picmix is ​​also about a program like blingee I was there many years ago when there were also problems with Blingee you can see if you find something there is more Blingee thank you friends for all the nice years with blingee greetings marion https:  //nl.picmix.com

Akio097 пишет:

1202 дня назад
✨•.¸☠ Ҡıηց∂σɱ σԲ Ðαʀκηєss ☠¸.•✨ 


I invite you please to participate in the new challenge of the group:


Hope you have fun and good luck!

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