Wut up sexy ladys?

A Lifetime of fun lets run around with a finger in the butt and two in the BUSH!!!! LOL ;>) GOT YA Love me Or Hate ME, Jeliousy is week your week, MY style is gangsta yours is wanksta. Get it right trip all night I gots the seight for flight my future looks bright even on the darkest night. I'm a rockstar with a badass guitar who is gonna be more famious then someones anus who likes deez nuts like drity lil sluts that take it in the butt. Come get this swing wit it, dance wit it, jump around, up and down, in and out, give it up scream and shout, let go to my flow that you just dont know I get get gooooo.... never gonna let up just go stright up to the top whit this gangsta rock thats pop'en off the charts. Killing the rymies with the thightest tracks right off the racks of the best DJ stacks. Overlay, repeat, dubble up, fuck that shit get your own shit quit tryn to rap on evryone elses flows before you catch these drity south bows to your nose. Now its time to set it off get on down trip on the sounds, of the badest beets this side of town with the toughtest players with a razor come'n out the mouth with a bulit amed like a lazer right at the pranksta wanting to be as big as the realest gangstas, fakester with a repeat flow of hay what da ya konw is that my track with that wack ass rap? 


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