I am BlueChocolate...and obviosly I love Chocolate and the color blue!!

I am a massive fan of Selena Gomez!!

_♥_♥___♥_ ♥_                   
__♥ _____♥__  
_____♥ ____

I like Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars and Reece Mastin.(Ok, so maybe I love him, just maybe)
_♥_♥___♥_ ♥_                   
_♥_Reece _♥_ 
__♥ _____♥__  
_____♥ ____

 My fave song is Who Says by Selena Gomez.
My friends mean heaps to me. i love them heaps.
Same with my family. <3 In real life chocolatebox5 is my BFF. I enjoy playing games, eating chocolate, playing netball, eating chocolate, listening to music, singing and eating chocolate (did I say that already??) And, occasionally I like to perfect things...not always, sometimes I can't actually be stuffed enough to do it perfectly. I like school, not necesarily tha learning part, mainly just my friends, but I like some subjects...and my friends always say I'm smart (1:I don't believe them at times. 2:I'm not blonde but can have blonde moments.)

Fave quote:
Hold your head high,
there are people who would 
kill to see you fall.

My desire when I reach my teen years:
To get FB. I need a life. :) Jks. Got one.

Random facts about me:
-I am random
-I like the name BlueChocolate
-I like the name Grace
-If I could be an animal I would be a unicorn, not really. I just want to be able to fly and swim, and go on land. Maybe a flying, swimming monkey??
-I like fun things
-I enjoy Drama
-I love to sing and if you've met me, I actually sing in class. No kidding, anyone who sits next to me ever in a school or anywhere will know. I sing almost 24/7. No wonder I lost my voice 2 years ago...
-I got my voice back.
-I love animal print clothes/shoes etc.
-I got animal print slippers today (10/02/12)

That is all you needeth know about BlueChocolate


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BlueChocolate пишет:

3463 дня назад
No Worries!! It was amazing lunafairytale!! And chocolatebox5, :)

lunafairytale пишет:

3463 дня назад
Thanks a lot for the beautiful comment on mine 
black swan blingee
big huggies from belgium

chocolatebox5 пишет:

3549 дней назад
Thanks for putting our pic up. LOVE IT HEAPS

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