I completely forgot I had this account (lol)

I figured that since I was here, I'll actually take the time to type something down and not just leave it blank. 

I love music all kinds, indie, folk(I'm really into Conor Oberst), grunge (Nirvana!!), rock.... movies are everything to me (believe me when I tell you that), books, I love as well. I love to write but hate the process of it. 

I love my films like I like my music and my stories...I like them to be awesome  :)

"Thank you for your tragedy. I need it for my art." -Kurt Cobain (Journals)

what else is there?

I'm still excited that I got #1 Movie blingee...
I'm such a dork...


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Mollycullen2000 пишет:

3476 дней назад
Nel gruppo ¸.•**•.ισ αмσ gℓι αиιмαℓι¸.•**•. è iniziato un nuovo concorso VIENI A VEDERE! http://it.blingee.com/group/78713/topic/87741-- 
p.s.   : sei gia iscritta

Alessandra_01 пишет:

3618 дней назад
hey hello! group ¸. • ** •. ισ αмσ g ℓ ι αиιмα ℓ ι ¸. • ** •.
started on 1 contest! k do you say to participate?

Alessandra_01 пишет:

3632 дня назад
1 fase del gruppo ¸.•**•.ισ αмσ gℓι αиιмαℓι¸.•**•.

Alessandra_01 пишет:

3639 дней назад
x favore potete iscrivervi qui?
✿*.:。✿*゚’゚・ami gli animali??✿*.:。✿*゚’゚・
            nn rimanere li a leggere
            iscriviti qui!

LadyOfAces пишет:

3743 дня назад
Dear Blingee Friend,
Please read the top of my profile and support me, please <3

LadyOfAces пишет:

3744 дня назад
Why thank you :) O see you have very nice taste too :)

radicequadrat... пишет:

3952 дня назад
if you're a rock-person and rock is your life enter here: ----> http://blingee.com/group/68480--tHe-WoOdStOcK-fEsTiVaL-
it's dedicated to some legends like aerosmith, AC/DC, Guns'n'Roses, Muse, Green Day, Queen, Bon Jovi, Paramore, Simon & Garfunkel, Nirvana...we need you, we need a person who really know the mean of the world MUSIC
ROCK ON, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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