Can you Feel it all round you?

Not much is known other than i'm very cool. I am totally random. I do love wrestling.

"Pain is eched into us to show us that we had a life worth living"

"Pain & Heartache are your's to control & weild. To turn in to strangth & power"

"Beautiful eyes cloak the darkest of Souls"

"The Darkest of Souls are the most beautiful flowers"

"Emotions are like streets. So Many you get lost in them all"

"Hate is like mud, dark & endless. The more you fight the deeper you get"

"Walking my own path is better than letting fate sweep me away"

"In truth there's no better place than falling into the darkness"

"Everything we dream of is rooted in bloodshead"

"One must be a fox to see the traps and a lion to frighten wolves" - MacAlive


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blakester182 пишет:

4036 дней назад
Hi im a new guy and im just trying to get friends soooooooooooooo...................SUPZ

mejserr пишет:

4750 дней назад
All over the internet making images search, my fave is google

chrissychick219 пишет:

4886 дней назад
i get them on blingee 

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