'Ello, minions

Hey-o! Eva here. I also go by Emelia online. Take your pick. I answer to both online. 
I like tons of crap. Ask me about it if you care.


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....And then Buffy staked Edward.
Neo Angelique Abyss
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♥☺ραттy☺♥ пишет:

4245 дней назад
whut? Shut up! I don't like your blingee's too!

ghishia1992 пишет:

4318 дней назад
i remember now(the book 7 is the comic 7)in the comic 7 ichigo is a bride(i have the sequel too)i hate masaya deep blue and the blueknight(he is a killer a murder)i miss only the book 3 with mewlory(the mewgreen)kisshu returns to life with his brothers(like in tv)but in the comic joke with strawberry

ghishia1992 пишет:

4319 дней назад
hello nice to met you(what book 7 you mean)?kisshu isn't die

yyyannayyy пишет:

4355 дней назад
te unes a mi grupo??  http://blingee.com/group/80456--Black-Rock-Shooter-

LunarianRaven пишет:

4418 дней назад
To answer your question the guys name is Masamune Date he is from Samurai Warriors

-okami-in-love- пишет:

4418 дней назад
http://bln.gs/b/22q1tv <-- Your Comment 

I use them as roll play characters ^.^ 
just with different names. 

-okami-in-love- пишет:

4512 дней назад
Hello! =)

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