It's Me NinjaGirl1234

Now I Have Two Main Accounts 
This Includes All The Stuff 
That There Is On My First Main
Account NinjaGirl1234 But It Has
Anime Fever Blingees Which Is 
New And Only On This Account.

To Blingeers That Don't Know Me Yet.
Hey I'm Danielle I'm 19 Years Old And I Love To Draw,Write Stories,And Make Characters Up,I Also Love To Dance And Sing I Love Photography,And Ofcorase I Love Blingee !! I'm A Kid At Heart,And A Nerd,And Really Hyper And Random. I'm A Pretty Crazy Girl But In A Good Way Atleast To My Friends. I Loved Anime Since I Was A Kid And Will Forever. My Favorite Thing To Do On The Computer Is Blingee. 

Also Check Out My Other Accounts


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ghishia1992 пишет:

3692 days назад
u prefer thor or loki?

ghishia1992 пишет:

3692 days назад
i don't know the show of danny phantom but i like the name of danny

ghishia1992 пишет:

3692 days назад
yes its him(its tony anthony hopkins)

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