I'm a fun loving teenager who watches WAY too much anime. Love to talk, listen to music, write fanfictions and stories, I like to dance and have fun!
I LOVE to roleplay and cosplay. Someday I hope to move to Japan or Korea!
Fave Color: Green
Style: Harajuku, Lolita.
Crush: Kadaj. ( I know he isn't real -_-)
Favorite song: Love Like Oxygen - SHINee
Favorite Anime: Black Butler I & II
Favorite Video Game: Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
If you have any requests just leave a comment on one of my recent Blingee's and I'll get to it!


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Raven2625 пишет:

3126 дней назад
Happy 4Th Of July!!!

Raven2625 пишет:

3146 дней назад
hey whats up
can you vote for me friend i would really appreciate!Thanks

Raven2625 пишет:

3485 дней назад
Vote 4 Me Thanks

Ivette240 пишет:

3639 дней назад
Hello :)

What's your niche? Is it Celebrites, Animals, Gothic? Whatever it is this is the place to show it off! Be creative!:D 

Please join my group "Creative Flare"

Thank you :)

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