Everything is getting better and better <3

I’m a 22 year old from Scotland and have used Blingee for a very long time. This is my primary account but also my second account as I no longer use my first very often. Blingee has been with me for over half my life (12 years). I left the website for a bit during high school so I came back to find most of my friends had deactivated as during high school I never had WiFi very often and I was also very busy with assessments and exams so my creativity was sucked out of me completely. 

I’m engaged and a college student studying social sciences with the potential to start university in October. I have selective mutism and suffer with social and generalised anxiety and I am being tested for autism so please be patient with me. :)

Friend Code/Gametag/PSN:
SW-3995-3993-8963 (Nintendo Switch)
LeafAprilGreen (Xbox)
MagmaAqua0205 now LeafAprilGreen98 (PlayStation)

I also love playing Yu-Gi-Oh! I run both Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl decks. 

Favourite shows/animes:
Big Bang Theory
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Z
Fairy Tail
Full Metal Alchemist
Hunter x Hunter
Mew Mew Power
Naruto Shippûden
Sailor Moon
Sonic X
Sons of Anarchy
Sword Art Online
Winx Club
Young Sheldon

Favourite Movies:
Avengers Series
Back to the Future Series
Dragon Ball Resurrection F
Harry Potter Series
Indiana Jones Series
Naruto Road to Ninja
Shrek 2
Spirited Away
Star Wars Series
Toy Story 2

Favourite Game Series:
Animal Crossing
Assassin’s Creed
Blinx the Time Sweeper
Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Grand Theft Auto
Mario and Sonix
Mario Kart
Mario Party
Mega Man X
Mega Man Zero
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
Project Diva
Ratchet and Clank
Saints Row
Samurai Warriors
Sonic the Hedgehog
Street Fighter
Super Smash Bros
The Legend of Zelda
Winx Club



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HikariFayPikachu пишет:

34 дня назад
Her mom died today :'(

I'm gonna keep praying for that family to get through this okay.

HikariFayPikachu пишет:

37 дней назад
ASD is pretty common nowadays in general, i've read. Like 1 out of every 49-50ish people are born with it now? Yeah.

I hope my friend will be okay when her mom die's :'(

Her mom is super old now (96). So it's old age related. I still feel so much for the whole family though. They love that woman a lot. Its hard to see people you care about leave...

JuukaRockmanR... пишет:

38 дней назад
Hi. Thanks for the add!


38 дней назад
Hi and Hug and I am happy and good and my day is happy and good.

HikariFayPikachu пишет:

39 дней назад
Thanks. I made a 3rd one related to the fact that i'm an ASD person. I hope it helps people understand just how much I need her. Living with this condition has been hard for me all my life...(though it isn't something i wanna change about myself. i feel it has made me a stronger, and better, person overall)

silverthehedgie пишет:

40 дней назад
thank u :D, so far it's been pretty awesome!!

HikariFayPikachu пишет:

40 дней назад
Awwww. Thank you so much! :D That made me really happy <3 By the way, I just made some pride blingees :) 2 for the moment. One is themed on the fact i started up playing pokemon white 2 again xD


1 день назад
Hi and Hug and I am happy and good and my day is happy and good.

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