3 pics of my gorgeous wife to be ~ Candy


Today is December 13, 2013

Today Is the day she said "YES"


Happy Birthday Mom! I love you! and I miss you!

"When you fight the devil - Be a devil yourself - Or you can't WIN"

"But Every End Marks A New Beginning..."

Final Fantasy XIV - A REALM REBORN

The day I found the Guardian Angel Pendant and then just a few days later I met Candy :-)

Thank you TaZzy! I haven't been on in so long so sorry for my late reply! Yes I am going to be married one day perhaps even very soon it depends on her visa problems first. If so could be before November 25th.  So how are you doing these days? I hope all is well with you and maybe hear back from you sometime soon! If not then I understand and wish you well! I miss the old days as we had lots of fun! But times change and we both have since we last talked.  Take care my dear friend hope to hear from you again!



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swtjade пишет:

462 дня назад
I removed some of my friends who haven't been on blingee for awhile please add me back if you ever come back. I'm cleaning out my list because some people have left and also I don't know who's coming back. I miss your creations... Hurry back

swtjade пишет:

526 дней назад
Hey you.. just stopping by to say hi, if you ever cruise back this way again. It's been a long while since I've been on blingee. Stop by say hi once in awhile.. And be happy stay safe..

PhantaZzma пишет:

1557 дней назад
Just dropping in a note to say hello. Hope all that you've worked hard for settled and came true...Yes, yes We did have a lot of fun and those are cherished memories for me. You're a great person. Wish you well and most of all Happiness!! Take care ♡  tazz

phoenixlife пишет:

1995 дней назад

PhantaZzma пишет:

2048 дней назад
Congratulations, dear friend!

morvicvalium пишет:

2303 дня назад
chris!!!! wazzup?! im in blingeeland! time for some blingee hehe.... hope all is well. say hi to 'you know who' for me :) will talk to you on wednesday. have a good night my friend! xoxo

RedHeadsRule пишет:

2393 дня назад
Hi Lord Xeen! I heard a long time ago that you were on another site creating wallpapers. I was just wondering if that site is Desktop Nexus. If it's not, what site is it? I am on Desktop Nexus with the same username as here (RedHeadsRule). If you are there you should look me up! Please! I know you almost never come on here anymore, but I'm hoping this gets to you anyway! :D

PhantaZzma пишет:

2645 дней назад
Funny, you always know how to make me smile when I am down. Thank you for the vimeo video...I will later view it when Im at home. At work the video didnt want to play it...I will look at it and give you my comments, thx always...

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