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I'm a pretty funny chick once you get to know me. I can be loud and obnoxious, even boisterous, but if that bothers you, I can promise you I won't lose any sleep over it. ;) If you'd like to get to know more, just get up with me. Feel free to add me. I'm a pretty positive person. Just don't cross me because that can change with the push of a button.


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jezabel63 пишет:

1990 дней назад
Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blingee! :-)


1 день назад
cool profile. straight & foreword
that's actually refreshing now days.

Well I'm Randy.. happy to know you & I hope to see a lot of cool blingee art.
 If any of my stamps or ideas will help.. that's cool. 

Hope to talk & share art
always be blessed


japanfan12345 пишет:

2148 дней назад
Oh dear, glad I haven't forgotten mine because it would be awkward starting again now XD

I've been on blingee a long time and join a lot of contests/challenges so that's why I have so many badges :3

japanfan12345 пишет:

2474 дня назад
Thank you very much :3

Just go to "edit profile" on the side, and type some things about yourself like your likes and dislikes. You can decorate it with symbols like I have done. Go to and find tons there. Then you just need to copy and past the ones you like

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