Lydia the Tiger~

Hey! I'm Princess Lydia! I LIVE IN THE US!!! country girl 4 ever!  I'm a sonic fan!! my fave characters are cream, blaze, silver, tails, rouge, sonic , and shadow :p
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About Me:
Name: Just call me Lydia :D
Age: well that's a bit private but I can tell you this, I'm not thaat old.
Likes?: Dark colors, being alone, soda pop, sonic video games, drawing, ect.
Dislikes?: annoying people, the color pink/ other bright colors, toads, ect.
Favorite colors: Black, purple, red, turquoise, and silver. ;W;
Favorite music genres: Metal, Hard Rock, Pop, Electric, and Hip Hop :)
Personality: shy, talkative, dreamy, distant, smart, sometimes hyper, a bit quiet, random, dark, can be mysterious.


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Lydiathetiger пишет:

2940 дней назад
:3 I've missed you guys

jordanC.H пишет:

3190 дней назад
name him something more nature like.

Aminasalaad пишет:

1 день назад
can u send me a gift!!¬¬! cause it is christmas ofcouse!!¬¬!!

Aminasalaad пишет:

3192 дня назад
hi how are you?

Aminasalaad пишет:

3217 дней назад
did you know that it is my cute little brothers birthday's today!!!!!!!!  for that he would like to ask you that is you could sent a gift in my acount??????    do not forget to reply!!!!! from:Aminasalaad

Lydiathetiger пишет:

3234 дня назад
i speek english; and also i already gave a gift today so sorry i cant :(

Aminasalaad пишет:

3235 дней назад
did you know that is my birthday and i am 13 .    for that can you give me a gift please pllease and please and what language do you speak?

Lydiathetiger пишет:

3243 дня назад
um... i would say sure but i dont know how..?

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