The One and Only

**New profile**

My friends call me Nia. I am a singer actually and i hope one day to make it big. I am a chritsian. God comes 1st. I love my family and friends. 

Watchout! some people you call your friends are really not so make sure you can tell who is and whos not.

ILY Pupil: Kinggirls2016 

I am very artistic. I wish i could put some of my drawings up but you can see them on instagram.

**Follow ME**

Instagram: p4rtigirl_nia
If I make it big, I would like for you guys to support me :)



I am Making blingees for people. If you would like me to make one for you, Please request it. Check out my other blingees too. Ill be glad to make one for you.

that is all


--********----******-------********------*****   *****
--*********---******-------********------*****   *****
--**** *****--******-------********------*************
--****  *****-******-------********------*************
--****   ***********-------********------*****  ******
--****    **********-------********------*****  ******
--****     *********-------********------*****  ******

--*******---**** *****--******-------********
--*******---****  *****-******-------********
------------****   ***********-------********
------------****    **********-------********
------------****     *********-------********

Thx for visting mah page


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Kinggirls2016 пишет:

2616 дней назад
Do you have an instagram?

Oh and join my challenge!!


Kinggirls2016 пишет:

2616 дней назад
Haha Blingee still shows up on my email too. Are you a senior this year?? Me too! Cool beans. 

Yea the other day I revisited Blingee thinking, "hey, its been so long since I was last on this website." then I decided to start making blingees like old times!! 

Your comment made my day haha I really miss you, I really want to thank you again for helping me with Blingee when I was new to this website. Everytime I make a new blingee, I think about where I started from and where I'm at now haha

Kinggirls2016 пишет:

3712 дней назад
Sup Homeslice? haha how are you? I have Homecoming next week! what should I wear!?!? Help me pick out a dress haha ;) I have an idea of a short dress, not too short. Something with cute style, not too much frills. Or maybe elegant? AHH!! need ur help Sensei :D

blinker1968 пишет:

3715 дней назад
Thanks for joining my group of flower lovers,
feel free to add as many blingees as you want to

Kinggirls2016 пишет:

3722 дня назад
geez. why do u have to wake up so early? haha i wake up at 6. :) i have a boy on my mind too. i recently broke up with my bf like 3 weeks ago. but of course teenage hormones make me get over tht quickly and looking at another boy. haha oh dear... :P but seriously, why so early?

Kinggirls2016 пишет:

3723 дня назад
Lol I know what u mean! Without Blingee Plus my blingees come out as sh**. haha excuse my french!! :) so hows school? I probs already asked this but whateves! Any boyfriend? haha

alinaermogenous пишет:

3735 дней назад
for all my friends!♥

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