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BFF : Megan (Fun4ever97)
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Fave Music - Metro Station, Paramore, Finger Eleven, Forever the Sickest Kids, 3 Oh 3, Korn, Kings Of Leon, All American Rejects, The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Green Day, Black Sabbath, Boys Like Girls, Coldplay, Evanescence, Foo Fighters, Framing Hanley, Hinder, John Mayer, Nickelback, OneRepublic, Owl City, P!nk, Plain White T's, Theory Of A Deadman, The Who,

I play 2 sports, lacrosse and field hockey and I can get very competitive. I absolutely love my music and I barely go anywhere without my mp3, music is what I use when I'm having a bad day or need to be pumped up for something. I also don't go anywhere without my cell! I text ALL the time! I definetly don't like school but I know when I go I can see my friends. <33



  • Сколько раз был(а) в Центре внимания: 4
  • Жетонов: 31
  • Золотых Blingee: 16
  • Серебряных Blingee: 25
  • Внесенных штампов: 464
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kyarajonas пишет:

4824 дня назад
►ραятє¢ιρα ѕυвιтσ αℓ иυσνσ ¢σи¢σяѕσ ѕυι мιтι¢ι "נσвяσѕ"!!!◄

MileyLover55 пишет:

5003 дня назад
Sorry wrong group! LOL srry! Heres the group:

MileyLover55 пишет:

5003 дня назад
Hey your a good friend and thanks for leaving me a lot of comments! Here's another group if you want to join it:

cupcake97kt пишет:

5024 дня назад

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