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Hello fellow Blingee-ers,

If you happen to be visiting my page, you may remember me as the little kid obsessed with Miley, Twilight, and the Jonas Brothers. I've gone two years without Blingee and it's been rather odd. I've grown up, and I'm much different than I used to be. I'm not nearly as good at making Blingees as I used to be, mostly because I don't have the same drive I used to. I used to spend hours literally perfecting my Blingees. But now? I'm lucky to have something halfway-decent in 10 minutes. I just don't know what happened, but please don't let that change your opinion on me. I'm working hard to get my motivation and drive back to make good Blingees and re-connect with some long-lost friends. Please forgive me for not being here when I needed to be, I know I missed crucial Blingee times (like what the heck is a postcard?), but I've been thinking, and I really want to come back to Blingee. So if you've spent some time reading this, shoot me a comment, let's be buds again :)

Love and Hugs,



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Mee667 пишет:

2898 дней назад
Hii sarey, I just randomly came back on.. lol

XDazzledByTwi... пишет:

3530 дней назад
I miss you, so much, do you have twitter or anythingg? I miss you too much omggg. <3 :(

cristynuk пишет:

1 день назад
Happy Holidays!!!

Hugs from Romania!:)

XDazzledByTwi... пишет:

3590 дней назад
love you!<3

XDazzledByTwi... пишет:

3677 дней назад

SelGomezFan97 пишет:

3679 дней назад
of course i won't forget u. hehe. i just forgot your birthday...when was it? sorry.

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