Closed account.
The Blingee team didn't cared about us for years. And the moderator was protecting them while insulting us and considering this whole situation "childish". This is completely disgusting and disrespectful.
I will never forget what they did to us; we were begging them to give us answers and they took all of those as insults. So basically we were trusting trash.

<- I moved on Pic mix.


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❄Rei-II❄ пишет:

54 дня назад
sorry if in some parts it is not understood 100%, I am just starting to learn English and many I have to translate it to google translator (and it has a lot of translation problems)

❄Rei-II❄ пишет:

54 дня назад
Well, it seems that she may suffer from some problem that does not allow her to concentrate, I think I can understand a little of that problem since I also have a hard time understanding people's messages (and many times I have to read them several times to finally understand them ) but as much as that is a problem for her, nothing gives her the right to respond in such a rude way

❄Rei-II❄ пишет:

54 дня назад
hello, I'm sorry I didn't reply days ago.
Since the lack of gas due to the great snowfall of Texas, it has affected my country a lot on the energy issue since where I live the energy has been intermittent I had not been able to contact you and answer you. It seems that what your aunt says about blingee is true, maybe that's why it's closing and an the reason they don't want to give us an official statement. It's a shame. Blingee is a site that has a lot of potential to grow as much as pixmic.

❄Rei-II❄ пишет:

59 дней назад
I realized that this situation is quite unfair to you and Lumi-anime-girl.
guardian06 wants to make it look like you are a troublemaker, when in reality you are just sharing your opinion on the blingee issue.
I'm surprised at guardian, I thought she wasn't for in favor for any side.... but it turns out she's 100% on the side of team blingee.

.✿¢нαяιzαя∂.ⓖ... пишет:

1 день назад
Hey, thanks!
If you are interested, I just discovered a method that I think it will let making blingees with a safe method.
I tried to explain it here:

lealive пишет:

72 дня назад
Thank You !!!  :)

❄Rei-II❄ пишет:

72 дня назад
I just saw your post about blingee.
Thank you very much for your advice, I will do that to save my stamps

HannahJuly пишет:

75 дней назад
I hope we can continue being friends on picnmix. I'm starting to upload stickers/stamps so hopefully there'll be more variety. If there's anything you might want to see on there, let me know :) x It's been a pleasure blinging on here with you. 

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