The Moon Prinsses Blingee's

♥H e l l o f r i e n d s♥
-  le name is Ariel //&& I've been on this site for quite sometime now. I started when i was around 12/13, and today i am now 17, a junior in highschool, and last but not least, i'm planning on pursuing a Cosmetology career after I graduate. I love anime, music, fashion, makeup, and of course my hair. My hair is my pride in joy-  You're all so lovely and deserve the best in your lives, never stop reaching for the stars, darling*

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roma43 пишет:

4440 дней назад
meli puoi votare e commentae?


giuly_kodocha пишет:

4599 дней назад
נσιи тнιѕ gяσυρ ρℓєαѕє!
♥【Utau Hoshina】♥

JudyKrammig пишет:

4617 дней назад
For you my Friend!

t1t1ne пишет:

4662 дня назад
hey =3
thx for added me in your circle ! =D

chevycc24 пишет:

4676 дней назад
I love your Sailor Moon Blingees!!!!!! Great Job!! :)

smile_till_th... пишет:

4711 дней назад
tnx for add ^^

Lunylove пишет:

4711 дней назад

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