Ashley LaShea

[[.<3.]] Please Call Her [[.Ashley.]]
She Has Blonde Hair
She Is 5'5
She Lives In Boaz
She Is A Junior At Boaz High
She Is Currently [[.SINGLE.]]
She Is [[.16.]]
She Has [[.Msn/Yahoo.]]
She Is[[.Not.]]Racist
She Is Very OutGoing
She Gives Her [[.<3.]]Away Too Easily And That Intenally Gets Her Heart Broken Way To Easliy
Tell Her You [[.<3.]] Her And Mean It
She Will Tell You She [[.<3.]]You And Mean It
She Will Keep You In A Jar[[.Forever.]]Only If She Like You
If You Do Something Wrong
She Will Forgive You In [[.Seconds.]]
She Will[[.<3.]] Her True Friends Forever
She Tends To[[.Laugh.]]Too Much
She Comes Up With The[[.Weirdest.]]Things to Say


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